Ultra Music has years of experience in the field events. In the 80s, we launched in Kassel big events (Beach Party, New Year's party, Ball Pompous, Oktoberfest), but also carried out smaller events like Jux rallies. Well-known partners such as the „HR3“ with its DJ’s and presenters as Werner Reinke, Thomas Koschwitz, Jörg Bombach, Reiner Maria Ehrhardt, Martin Hecht and Frank Seidel or the regional newspaper „Extra Tip“ were often our partners. Here we had rainproof tents, otherwise, the event was to compare an open air event. The New Year parties were held in the „Messehallen Kassel“ were then 10,000 visitors one of the largest indoor event ever. The „Ball Pompous“ was a Carnival event, which took place in the „Messehallen Kassel“ instead. The largest „Oktoberfest“ outside of Munich, Ultra Music had organized in 1989 on the site place of the „Messehallen Kassel“ and performed.

2014 brought „Metalfuture“ Dieter on board the already located in the midst of preparations VI. Long Heavy Night. Cooperation should extend over the VII. Long Heavy Night out. But quickly showed enormous deficits in the skills of Partners Metalfuture which also a professional cooperation made ​​almost impossible. And the only conclusion: Ultra Music announced the collaboration in early February 2015 with immediate effect.

As a musician Dieter is familiar with the technology. He knows what is needed for power connections for an event, how powerful and extensive the PA (sound system) has to be, what you need to light the stage, rigging, effects, security, artists, employees, stagehands, press, radio, mail, printed matter, tickets, wristband, ... and much more.

You want even to hold an event , but have no idea on what everything must be paid?

Ultra Music plans, organizes and executes events, depending on the customer.
With Ultra Music at your side your event is an experience.

Let yourself again quite legally binding.

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