“It..s a long way to the top if you wanna rock..'n roll”

That's what LANE gets pretty close to........

..........At the beginning of 2004 the singer Dirk Licht and the guitarist Teo Todorov got to know each other in Bad Hersfeld. After a musical and personal sympathy on the one hand, a friendship develops quickly and a cover band is decided. Soon, however, it emerges that the matter is serious and a band with their own songs to be founded, which still succeeded in 2004 under the name "LANE".

Sessions are now becoming serious rehearsals and the common creativity and joy of playing becomes a manifesto. Only on the bass and drums have not found any really suitable people. With constantly changing band members one tries to be honest and makes musical early education. Finally, at the end of 2005, the first gigs under the name of LANE were denied.

A demo will be recorded in 2006, this recording will be distributed among about 150 people and evaluated spontaneously by you. The result is the debut album "Diced", which is released in 2007 and co-produced with the Ex Kingdom Come guitarist, Olliver Kießner and Ralf Ziarsdek, who had already enriched EDGUY with his backing vocals.

At first still tired of many, alleged scene connoisseurs tired! "Since you can not pull a herring with this kind of music!", The critics of the music press talk about the debut album "Diced" a different language.

The credibility is without exception positive and describes it among other things as a proper Melodic-Kelle from German lands. One is compared with GOTTHARD with regard to songwriting at "When Love Comes Around". The guys always have a strong sense of commercial elements in their songs. Whether it is the rough, charismatic voice of singer Dirk Licht, which can hardly be more predestined for this music, or the accentuated technically demanding guitar work by guitarist Teo Todorov. Especially with their ballads "When Love Comes Around", "Heaven" or the CD Opener "Nighttalk" in a very own piano version, the German hard rockers prove international class.

The ideal case for a committed rock band. No matter where they are heard, on the radio, in the hi-fi system or in the concert hall.
After the recordings, the drummer Ralf Niebert and the bassist Andy Sauer, the drummer in the summer of 2006, will find the appropriate supplement, which is considered to be a viable option. Numerous gigs followed, and first regional and supraregional successes can be recorded, eg. In Peine at the Helter Skelter Festival, or the Metal for Mercy in Witten. The stone is slowly rolling!

From 2008, the first radio airplay will follow in Germany, Belgium and Spain.
There are even flouts of interest from abroad on the table. Several units of "Diced" can be sold in the USA to Arizona and is also there to very good resonances.
If you had to squeeze the keyboard sounds live up to now, you could finally get the required keyboard man in the boat with Michael Grenzebach.
It is he who gives the sound the much-cited icing on the "i" to the sound. End of the same year drummer Ralf Niebert finally throws the towel for personal reasons and leaves a big gap.

In a series of forced breaks due to staff quarrels on drums in 2010/11, the live chapter is at first temporarily put on hold. Almost lost, but still finds the drummer Kai Schäffer a capable substitute and bounces again, under the so-called term "Ochsentouren" the clubs and concert halls.
From the local press already times as local matador designated, the band slowly but surely becomes an insider tip. At the same time they started to work on the new album some time ago. And behind the scenes there is also a lot going on.

Jens Manegold, a not-to-be-acquainted figure in the Northern Hessen music scene, took care of the band's interests. And the success of the cooperation is not long in coming. At the 31st German Rock and Pop Prize 2013 in Ludwigshafen, LANE will be nominated by a specialist jury from more than 800 bands in just 4 categories and selected from the stand into the live final. Then you will be invited to Hessian Rock and Pop Award in the Batschkapp, as a surprise guest.

But LANE is also proving its class at this renowned historical site. One plays in a own league on a high level, which attests to the present audience loudly with applause. Although you can not win a price, you can put a very clear exclamation mark and is more than satisfied with the reactions. Nominated for the finale in Ludwigshafen is eh already.
And the events cast their shadows ahead!
With a completely new song, which will be released on the new album, the 31st German Rock and Pop Award 2013 will take place in Ludwigshafen and will be so powerful that the impression is born that the first league of Hardrock and Melodic will play here Rock together.

The guys around the singer Dirk Licht are awarded by a high-caliber jury with 5 prizes. Of the total of 80 bands, no other can offer a similarly high number of prizes and awards.
In the main category "Live on the stage", LANE as the "Best Hardrock Band" award the second prize. In the sub-categories "Bester Hardrocksänger" "Best Hardrock Album" and "Best Hardrock Song", the first prize. But this is not enough, you are also the desired "public prize of the evening" as the only band under the nail and at the latest now, the herring is off the plate!

LANE are undoubtedly the mega-winners of the 31st German Rock and Pop Award 2013.
LANE, Nordhessens Hope in matters of Hardrock and Melodic Rock now holds all the trumps in hand. Just in time for the 10th anniversary of the band, the new album "SUPERNATURAL" was released in November 2014, the manager Jens Manegold separated from the band, and yet it is only a matter of time to have a say in the concert of the established acts. From 2017 onwards you have a booking agency in Ultra Music. You can be very curious about what is coming.

“It´s only rock´n roll but WE LIKE IT...."


Genre: Hardrock
Setlänge: 60 Minutes

Website des Künstlers: www.lanerocks.com


Lane - Media

Lane - Hard Rock made in Bad Hersfeld
Dirk Licht (Vocals/Guitars) Mike Kramer (Drums & Vocals) Teo Todorov (Guitars & Vocals) Andy Sauer (Bass & Vocals)

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