Wardrum is a Heavy / Power Melodic Metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in the summer of 2010. Founded by "Horizon's End" drummer Stergios Kourou along with his long term bandmates Kosta Vreto and Kostas Scandalis, the band was originally fronted by Uli John Roth's singer Piero Leporale, while frontman Yannis Papadopoulos joined as lead vocalist in 2012.

Wardrum starts looking for a new singer in 2018 after Yannis left last fall. Over the past few months, the band has been working on new material, and now that the result shows what's really going on with the sound of the new album, it's time to start Wardrum with their new bandmate, George Margaritopoulos.

In their 5 years of existence, Wardrum so far managed to:

One of the bands strong points is their live performance, so don't miss the opportunity to check them out on stage.



Artists Website: www.wardrum.gr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wardrum.gr/

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No. 1 Heavy Metal Band in Greece

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